Is there a demand for SDA Housing
YES! there is a Massive under supply

Studies in 2018 found there is a major shortfall of disability accommodation throughout Australia requiring a 60% increase in the number of homes available for this sector.  
When first research was done, 28,000 Australians with a disability where identified as living in inappropriate accommodation. More recent studies found that this number could actually be closer to 60,000.
The NDIS, SDA funding is to encourage property investors and institutions to build disabled centric homes.
Sadly, there are also 6,000+ young Australians who are currently living in aged care facilities due to a lack of housing options and this overall number is increasing by 50  a week.

Provision for an overnight carer

A bedroom is set aside for a carer. A house with 3 tenants may have from 5 to 10 seperate carers who will come and go throughout the day and one may need to stay overnight.  
HOMES are purchased via a standard house and land contract with stamp duty only payable on the land component. This represents considerable savings in initial costs.  

Land has been selected in areas that meets the NDIS, SDA housing requirement.

Full Turn Key Homes

Fully Accessible certified 3 bedroom, 3 bathroom/ 4 bedroom, 4 bathroom with carer accommodation included . 
Yielding investors approximately 11% + net returns  depending on the home location and price of land.   Currently the package price of the homes ranges from $550,000.00 to $670,000.00 full turnkey.   Rental is paid by NDIS, SDA for each   funded tenant plus the tenants also contribute 25% of their disability pension as a reasonable rental contribution.

Funding Model

The Federal Government has created the NDIS SDA funding model to attract new property investors  to this under supplied asset class.
The Australian property industry and media are largely silent or uninformed to the NDIS SDA opportunities.  
The difference with with these investments is that you own the property and receive the SDA income and not the large  disability institutions.

NDIS SDA Price Guide/NDIS SDA Calculator
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