Specialist Disability Accommodation
Who needs Specilist Disability Housing?

Specialist Disability Housing is designed specifically for those with high level care needs to assist with the transition out of nursing homes, rehab facilities, hospitals and ageing parent’s homes. 
At SDA Housing Investments we are promoting independence and choice for those who have had no options for accommodation in the past due to their disability.  

Are there other people investing in SDA?

Yes, however SDA Homes present the first opportunity to  private investors. 
To date there have been several large corporations investing millions into SDA as they see the huge potential gains. They have been building mainly unit complexes for High Physical Support tenants /participants in inner city areas and also provide the carers. There are a large number of carers required to support one HPS tenant/participant so this is a very lucrative business for corporations.

How many people will need SDA?

Initial research showed that 28,000 people nationally would need SDA. Further research shows that number is more like 60,000  people needing SDA. 6,000 of those are young people inappropriately housed in aged care and other facilities, and the overall number grows by 50 people each week..

Where does the income come from?

Most of your income will be from the SDA (government) funding, but the tenants/participants also have to pay a reasonable rental contribution which has been set at approx. 25% of their disability pension.

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